Being ‘Ceramic-Wise’

If you are searching for a large rose vase to decorate the dining table from the Ming dynasty or a pair of 18th century ceramic plates to adorn your mantle.
A Chinese ceramics auction is the place for you, ranging from serving dishes to large ceramic lamps in the living room and so much more could be just a click away from your fingertips.
Where to find themUsually like in many other things the best place to look is online as it is easy to browse through a vast variety of options in a matter of few seconds and never even having to set a foot out of your front door.
Another method is the old fashioned way of attending auctions in person and going through the brochure and the process of fervent bidding.
Things to look out forBeing thorough with the different dealers and brands;You must first accustom yourself with the options available and those who are offering them. Sometimes it’s good to get to know a few reputed dealers with whom you engage on a frequent basis in order to keep yourself informed of the current prices and offers.
Avoid over-paying;After that, you must make sure that you get the best deal for the amount of money you pay. Ignorance of the true value of an antique or a modern piece of porcelain can make you end up with a bad deal. It is always wise to run it by another buyer or check it online to make sure you are not over-paying.
Knowing what you want;This is crucial when getting yourself in to a deal, especially a deal to buy antique ceramics. If you are not precise and accurate in what you are looking for, you may make hasty and uncalculated decisions when bidding. The pressure of bidding can actually affect your rational decisions (because of the mere fact of its swiftness) and at the end of the auction you may end up taking home something that you actually didn’t want or need. In this regard online auctions are much less stressful and helpful, also check this Chinese contemporary painting auction.
The condition of the ceramics;Ceramics fall under a category of objects which is intended to be in mint condition for it to be both useful and valuable (as an antique). Before purchasing the buyer must carefully examine the condition of the ceramic to ensure that it is not damaged in any way. A slight damage, however minute it may be, will lower both its value and usability.
The authenticity of the product;When buying Chinese ceramics you must be cautious about the authenticity of the product and make sure whether it is actually Chinese as it claims to be. The mere fact that it is sold at a Chinese ceramic auction is not comprehensive evidence that the product was manufactured in China.
Packaging and delivery;After purchasing you should be personally aware of how the packaging and delivery is done. Most of the online auctions provide the option of free delivery but it is always wise to ensure that this is done with absolute care and diligence.