How To Repair Patio Screens?

There are different approaches to repairing patio screens, depending on the kind and the material used for constructing such screens. Usually patio screens act as doors that come with latches or locks as well as other kinds of hardware. Often these components also need to be repaired. One needs to inspect the different components that need repair and then decide to call in the repair expert accordingly.

Inspecting the damages

When a patio screen comes loose you might consider a good garage roller doors installation to cover and secure the space. Usually the screen doors come with a spline that is made of rubber. This might need to be removed before the screen material is worked upon. If you are attempting to make the repair by yourself, take up a spline roller or a screwdriver to pry out the spline. After the spline is removed, this can be replaced with another or the screen can now be worked upon.

How to repair the screen?

Usually patio screens get adverse effects of different weather conditions. Sharp splashes of rain as well as hard winds or dust and debris that get blown against this surface can damage the screen’s surface eventually. If you find the screen too flimsy, you might consider replacing the same with garage roller doors. However, screens made of lighter material are preferred as patios need to get in natural light as opposed to metallic doors which block out outdoor light. The screens can be repaired by getting small patches. Often, mesh screens can be repaired by mesh repair kits. Most home improvement stores stock up on rolls of mesh screen materials which can be used to replace screens of mesh on patio doors.

Roller replacements

If you have a patio door that is sliding, you might face a situation where the rollers need to be changed. If this needs to be done, you need to remove the door from the track and then pry apart the old rollers. You can then take the rollers to a hardware store where you can get the same models replaced.

Frame and other repairs

Patio doors might need the frame to be replaced or repaired. Door repairs where the frame needs to be replaced might need the intervention of an expert. That can be tricky for someone who has not handled such a repair project before, especially when the door is a sliding design. There might also be the need for repairing latches and locks. For simple screen doors, latches are easily available. These can be put on after the damaged ones are removed. If you are hesitant to make such changes, find an expert service to get the necessary repairs done.