Dry Cleaning, What Is It Really?

Whether we like it or not, doing our own laundry is a part of life. The older we get, the more we realize that dear old mum will not be able to remind us to do a load of laundry and we will simply have to use the adult method, either be responsible and do it regularly or wait until we have no cleaner clothes left and have a mild panic attack upon the realization. This is why professional laundromats are a god sent, if we can’t get rid of a stain, they will know the best way to do it. But the question is, what do we really know about them? We use their services on a regular basis but have no real knowledge on the matter. So here it is, the basics you need to know.

First of all, who are dry cleaners? Merriam Webster defines them as “a person whose business is cleaning fabrics with chemicals instead of water” thus the name itself originates from the method in which they use. Traditionally clothes are washed with water however, in the mid 1800’s a method was reported that used petroleum based cleaning products. But with time, the modern method has evolved to use a chemical that is less flammable and the use of Tetrachloroethylene based products became popular.

The process used by Toorak dry cleaners is of three steps quick wash. First the garments are placed in a machine similar to washer and dryer one would find at home. Firstly, there is the wash cycle, where 1/3 of the machine is filled up with solvent and the lasts for about 15 minutes where any dirt and soil dissolves inn the solution. Then the solution is drained and the second step, the rinse cycle begins. Here a pure distilled solvent is used to avoid discoloration of the garments and then the extraction process begins where any remaining solvent is collected. In the process used by modern day laundromats the extraction process is so precise that they manage to recover 99.99% of the solution used. Then the final stage begins where the garments enter into a drying cycle where they are tumbled in a stream of warm air and any last traces of solvent, evaporate. Then finally the garments are exposed to deodorizing cycle where they are cooled down and ready for pressing.

The whole process of how professional laundromats work of dry cleaner Melbourne CBD are that of a mystery to most of us even though it has become a vital part of modern life. So knowing a little bit about what goes on behind those doors might do you some good so that you can be an informed user of these services.